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”If you have ever wondered what - or who - your partner dreams about, there’s an app for that.”

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”Sleep Talk Recorder is a great iOS application that records exactly what you say while you’re fast asleep and dreaming… it works like a charm.”

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”The app only records sounds — usually in short, five second or so integrals — so there's no prolonged or blank recording.”

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The original Sleep Talk Recorder

Sleep Talk Top List

Listen to more than 160.000 shared sleep talks. Do you dare to share yours with the world?

Export your Favorites

Want to edit your sleeptalks? Maybe create a ringtone?
Export your sleeptalks to any device using iCloud at anytime.

Only the essentials

An advanced algorithm and filtering function activates a recording only when detecting a voice or a human sound. Saves time and space.

Built in Alarm Clock

Wake up in the morning without the need of another app or a nightstand alarm clock.

Sleep Talk Stats

Are you a frequent sleeptalker? Are there certain days when you speak more or less?

8 million downloads | 4,5 rating

More than 8 million people have tried Sleep Talk Recorder with 4.5 stars as an average rating. This makes us proud and we promise to keep updating with new and improved features.

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